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Best Hotel for San Francisco SantaCon

These days, you’ll find SantaCons all over the world: from Brussels to Beijing, from Hamburg to Honolulu. But the very first started right here in San Francisco—it was originally called “Santarchy”—and it happens to still be going very strong.

Whether you’re looking to don a red suit yourself or simply spectate, choose Pullman San Francisco Bay as your luxury accommodations for the tried-and-true original SantaCon this December!

San Francisco SantaCon 2018

Better than 10,000 people participated in last year’s San Francisco SantaCon, which involves garbing up as the North Pole’s most famous resident, bar-hopping, and generally taking over town with some good-natured revelry.

San Francisco SantaCon 2018 takes place Saturday, December 8th from noon to 6 PM, with Union Square the meeting place. It’s completely free to attend, but you’re encouraged to bring a donation for Toys for Tots. (The 2017 edition saw the better part of 800 toys collected for that worthy cause.)

If you’ve never joined in a SantaCon event before, keep in mind that while many of its “Santas” are partaking of a few adult beverages, the emphasis is definitely on well-behaved silliness and spectacle: not drunk-and-disorderly behavior. It’s about having fun, but not disturbing the peace.

(And a heads up: Apparently there’s a scam afoot trying to get people to buy tickets for a San Francisco SantaCon. Again, the real SantaCon doesn’t cost anything to attend, so beware.)

Learn more about the 2018 San Francisco SantaCon right here and on Facebook!

The Perfect Bay Area Accommodations With Pullman Hotels & Resorts

You’ll be just a straightforward ride away from San Francisco SantaCon ground zero in Union Square with luxurious Redwood City accommodations here at Pullman San Francisco Bay.

Treat yourself to some of the most stylish guest rooms and suites in the Bay Area at our waterfront hotel, decked out with feather pillows, an LED TV, a Keurig coffee machine, and other exquisite flourishes. After a full day of rabble-rousing in full Saint Nick costume, meanwhile, you’ll be ready for a rejuvenating feast at our very own Scroll Waterside Kitchen & Bar.

Choose Pullman San Francisco Bay for Your 2018 SantaCon Headquarters

San Francisco SantaCon 2018 is fast approaching, so reserve our Pullman San Francisco Bay luxury lodgings for the suited-up holiday event today! We’ll look forward to hosting you—and to seeing your outfit, most definitely.

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