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Planning a Trip to California: Approximate Budget and Places to Visit

California is the most colorful and vibrant state in North America. Here you will get a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions. There are many reasons why tours to California are so popular. This state is packed with different attractions and feels like a dream place. Everyone who comes here can enjoy the hot sun and salty breeze, walk through the palm parks, have a relaxing day off on the beach, and, finally, meet one of the famous movie stars.

However, when it comes to money, holidays in California tend to be one of the most expensive compared to other states. So let's see how much money you need for a vacation in the legendary golden state of America.

How to Get to California

Depending on where you live, you can get to California by car, bus, train, or plane. Most often, travelers go by plane. The airplane is the fastest and most comfortable way for residents of outlying states. On average, the flight cost ranges from $450 to $1100 per person for economy class. If you want to save money, you’d better buy tickets in advance. Most flights are operated by American Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

Places to Visit in California

As California is packed with many attractions, it is hard to count them all. Here are the most popular must-visit places that will remain in your memory.

Yosemite National Park

It is a UNESCO World Heritage and one of nature's most impressive creations. This place is famous for its landscapes, waterfalls, rivers with clear water, sequoia groves, and granite rocks. Breathtaking!

The Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge connecting San Francisco to southern Marin County is one of the most recognizable bridges in the world. You should see how it looks in the lights of the afternoon sun or when the fog rolls in from the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles

Tours to Los Angeles are very trendy among travelers. You can visit Hollywood, take an unforgettable photo with the Hollywood sign, stroll along Rodeo Drive, or take a quick bite in one restaurant with a world-famous star. You should give it a few days to see the main sights and plunge into the ambiance of luxury life. But Los Angeles is not only about Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and walking the streets Brad Pitt. Los Angeles is an average metropolis with dirty streets, homeless, and crime. And it has a specific charm.

Lake Tahoe

This is the most famous freshwater lake in the United States, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The lake is known for its crystal clear waters and stunning nature. The atmosphere here is so relaxing that it seems to have a meditative effect.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a dreamy seaside city known for its sandy beaches and perfect waves. Visitors enjoy its luxurious spa treatments and savor gourmet meals on outdoor patios.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to California?

It depends on your goals and the number of days you are coming. Here is an approximate budget for a week per a solo traveler:

  • Flight: from $450 to $1100 for economy class;
  • Accommodations: from $700 to $1500 depending on the city and a hotel type;
  • Transport: $40 per week;
  • Food and Drinks: $350 ($50 per day);
  • Attractions and random spending: $350.

The total amount is from $1890 to $3340. If it is a family of 4, the amount can rise to $3500-$7000.

Even though California is not a cheap place to go, it is definitely worth visiting.