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Best Hotel For USC vs. Stanford Game

If you know anything about college football, you most certainly know about one of the greatest rivalries in the sport: Stanford vs. USC. This rivalry goes all the way back to November 4th, 1905 when the first game was played by these two teams.

Today, it remains one of the best games of the season! And if you’re planning on going to the games this year, you’ll certainly need to book your hotel near Stanford Stadium as soon as possible! Fortunately, Pullman San Francisco Bay has got your back.

Below, we’ll discuss more about the game and why you should choose Pullman San Francisco Bay as your go-to hotel during the match!

About the USC vs. Stanford Rivalry

On November 4th, 1905, the most epic of West Coast college football rivalries began. This was the first game played between Stanford University and the University of Southern California (USC-UCLA). Since this game (in which Stanford beat USC 16 to 0), the two teams have been bitter rivals, and the games that they play are truly sensations that must be seen!

The true consistency of the rivalry began in 1925 because it was at this time that the two teams began to play consistently every year, except for three years during World War II. In the 1930s is when things really got heated, and Stanford was sore to win against USC who has gone on a long winning streak. Freshmen in that class (known after as the “Vow Boys”) made a vow that they would never again lose to USC. Amazingly enough, they achieved what they hoped to achieve, and for the next three games, they won!

Today, when you take a look at the ongoing record of games between these two teams, USC is still in the lead, with Stanford always looking for ways to pull ahead! This makes for excellent game-watching.

Why Choose Pullman San Francisco Bay for Your Stay Near Stanford

Pullman San Francisco Bay offers luxurious rooms, beautiful views, and an amazing staff. All of our guest rooms and suites come complete with free broadband internet, an LED TV, C.O. Bigelow toiletries in the bathroom, a person a Keurig machine, and much more!

You’ll love your stay with us, and keep in mind that if you have business in town, we have an extensive meeting space as well.

Ready to Book Your Room With Us?

Are you looking forward to going to the Stanford vs. USC game this year? It’s best to buy your tickets and book your hotel early! Just remember that Pullman San Francisco Bay is your best choice in town. Book your stay with us today!

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